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The Bubba Starling Deadline Day Hits Afternoon With No Signing


I really thought we'd have a signing by now. My personal bet was 2:30, with news breaking via a Callis or Dutton tweet. That came and went.

I still firmly believe that Bubba Starling will sign with the Royals today. But the fact is, he hasn't yet.

So as the line goes, now, now we wait.

Of course, because the Selig administration has been hellbent on driving down salaries and signing bonuses, the Royals have some protection here, as they'll get a do-over pick next year. (Nevermind that Joe Torre now earns a multi-million dollar salary to literally do nothing. Seriously his job is to be mentioned on press releases vowing to do nothing about catcher injuries or bad umpires or whatever.) That being said, you still lose a year, and Starling is a better than average talent at his draft slot.

Let's hope he signs.