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Mitch Maier Writes Home from Baseball Summer Camp: Letter 5

Dear Mom & Dad,

Sory I haven't written home in so long. I have just lost track of the time. I feel like I have been hear for like a year now. But it's real fun and I am glad that you both let me come here this summer.

After I pitched in that one game I thought that maybe Coach would make me a pitcher more. I kept working on my pitches and tried to make my windup more normal. I called this guy named Luiz Mendozra that every here said was real good. Said he was one of the best arms they knew. He's pitching somewhere else now, but I assume it is a great place. I wanted to get pitching tips from Luiz so I asked him a few questions and tried to write down what he said. We talked for a short time and he had some great ideas.

But I didn't pitch anymore and I guess I won't now. We had some games go bad again and I was there on the bench thinkin' "ok, here's my turn." They have this special dugout in the outfield where some of the picthers go. And a few times before a game I would ask coach if I should go there, but he wouald just look at me funny and be kinda mad it seemed. So I never got to pitch again.

And then we went a week or so where I think they forgot about me. We had a game somewheres and I just stayed in my room the whole time and watched movies. I showed up the next day and no one said anything. I might do that again if I feel like it.

I noticed on the bus that there was this guy named Everett or something like that. I don't know if he's a player or not, but I think he is because he has a uniform like me. I might try to talk to him, but he's usually in that other dugout with the pitchers, so maybe not. I think the season is almost over now, but I'm not sure about the schedule. I am ready to go back to school.