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Royals Hold On For 5-4 Win as Soria Makes It Interesting

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Quick Hits:

  • Soria needs to start throwing strikes. 40 pitches in the 9th, 21 strikes. 2 BB, 2 Hits, 1 Run, and a gift strike on Posada from the umpire. Of Holland's 9 pitches, he threw 8 strikes.
  • Butler's home run was not a home run. The umps reviewed and kept it as a home run. They messed up.
  • Moose was 3 for 3. His batting average is getting closer to 0.200
  • Gordon had a 3 run home run.
  • Chen was Chen. 3 runs, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, 7 hits, 2 HR. Really not bad against the Yankees.
  • Getz get a token PA (a GDP) as a late inning defensive sub for Gio.
  • Frenchy walked twice
  • Coleman and Holland had 4K in 2 innings of work.