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Weekend Thoughts: Clubhouse Dynamics

In the latest copy of ESPN the magazine, Player X, an anonymous player that lets readers into the secrets of the game,writes about clubhouse dynamics. Here is the only problem that arises in his opinion in the clubhouse if the players aren't getting along:

I know a lot of analysts thinks it's overrated, and get tired of hearing about it, but clubhouse chemistry is important. Good teams generally get along, and bad ones don't. Sure winning helps everyone's disposition, but a positive atmosphere enables us to weather tough streaks.

Good chemistry, at least according to this player, allows teams to weather tough times. That is it. Nothing more could be mentioned.


In light of of Jeff Francoeur's contract extension, do the Royals plan on having many rough streaks in the up coming years and need Jeff to help the rest of the team get through it? Wouldn't it be better to just to put a winning team on the field?