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Jeff Francoeur's Crazy Eyes Carry On

I call them "crazy eyes" because that's what Jeff Sullivan first termed them and the phrase works. I walked around the airport today and showed strangers photos of Jeff Francoeur with crazy eyes and asked them if "crazy eyes" was an appropriate label and EVERY SINGLE PERSON said yes. (This did not happen.)

I don't think the title is pejorative, at least not all the way. If someone tells you, "I have a crazy friend" they likely mean something along the lines of "my friend is non-traditional in some ways and or two standard deviations more intense about something than most people." You instinctively like this person, although a part of you understands they may also be annoying in large doses. And if this "crazy" person is female you assume a handful of generally desirable things (if they are below a certain age and you are of a somewhat middle of the road generic hetero-normative mindset) or somewhat undesirable things (if they are above a certain age). But again, your friend's "crazy friend" or "crazy sister" or whatever is not actually mentally ill or insane or scary.

Are the crazy eyes part of Jeff Francoeur's universal appeal amongst all who meet him?