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Bautista and Lawrie Slug Jays Past Royals 4-3

Quick hits:

  • Butler drives in Alex twice.  Haven't we been waiting for that for years?
  • Lo Danger Ox blasts a HR.
  • Bautista had a 2 run bomb. Lawrie had a 3B and HR.
  • Yunel Escobar acted like a  whiny punk after getting hit. He is going to take a spike in the shin tomorrow for that crap.
  • Luke had his token break down inning in the 4th. Not really a bad out.  5K, 1BB, 1 HBP.  The problem is that they all were bunched together.
  • Coleman gives up a home run.  His HR/FB% is only 7.1%.  The problem is that he is an extreme fly ball pitcher with 58% FB%.