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Royals Hold Off Pesky Blue Jays in Canada

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Toronto managed six runs in the last three innings, but it was not enough to defeat our Royals, who held on for a 9-6 victory.

I think we're all at the point where the individual game results feel mostly irrelevant at this point, which may be a unique aspect of baseball fandom. I've cheered for some bad football teams and even when the season was long since a disaster, I still wanted those late season meaningless victories. I never feel that way about the Royals. Of course, I'm also extremely used to feeling this way in late August.

  • The topline performance tonight has to be Mike Moustakas, who is slowly finding himself at the plate. He might even finish with a .600 OPS for this season and I'm not even being facetious when I write that. Moose's mere double wasn't the best box score of the game, but it continued his nice 10 day run or so.
  • Billy Butler went 4-5, had two doubles, and pulled his batting average back to .300.
  • I'm almost certain that Giavotella will get 300 PAs at leadoff next season, and it will mostly be a terrible idea.
  • Hosmer, quietly, is kinda blah.
  • MITCH got his weekly start and managed a triple. What a singularly strange season for Maier. The Royals will apparently keep him on the roster all season, despite no actual interest in playing him. And he's not even a pinch-running toy.
  • Maier's triple came off of former Royal Sean Camp. Back when I first started blogging, Camp was part of your typically horrible Royals bullpen. I had this running joke -- I guess it was a joke, although it wasn't really funny or insightful or anything -- about how I could never keep Sean Camp and Nate Field separate and how I didn't know which one was good or not. This all started in 2004, when I actually had hope. Anyway, after two years with the Devil Rays when they were awful, Camp has become a fixture in Toronto. You don't see middle relievers pitch for a middling team for four straight seasons, but Camp has. Nate Field, by the way, has been out of the Majors since 2007.