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Game 132 Open Thread - Royals (54-77) at Indians (63-64)

Felipe Paulino (xFIP 3.87) v. Ubaldo Jimenez (xFIP 3.62)

Those xFIPs really say quite a lot. I joked that Ubaldo was U-Fraudlo on twitter at some point, and while that is overstating it, I consider him one of the most overrated guys in the game. He had a shiny ERA for a month, to start a season, so he's famous. I'm sure Poz wrote a 90,000 word SI profile of him at some point, and the whole bit. Of course, the flip side is that I've expressed skepticism about Paulino from the beginning as well, though now he's been crowned with numerous roto-based "he's awesome" pieces and occasioned a glowing writeup of Dayton's awesomeness in the Star. I guess my reflexive negativity can only be right half the time.

Big series for the Indians who, umm, like, need to start winning games.