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Mike Moustakas Makes Progress During Hitting Streak

Mike Moustakas's triple slash line of .232/.287/.291 doesn't look very impressive. However, given that two weeks ago, on August 16th, he was hitting .182/.237/.227 and had an OPS of .464, Royals fans might be excused for being overly excited about a still sub .600 OPS. He's going to finish 2011 with an ugly season line, almost certainly. We're just going to have to look past that, that is if we want to.

And, as you may have heard, he has an 11-game hit streak, because... yay! hitting streaks I guess.

Since bottoming out in mid-August, Moustakas has fought his way back to respectability. Well, almost. He's still got an OBP and SLG under .300, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

But to the positives: in his last 11 games Moose has hit .487/.535/.615. It's nearly all singles (14) but he's also added 5 doubles and 4 walks.

On August 14, as Moose was cratering, I argued that he should be demoted. I was worried about him getting completely lost at the plate, forming bad habits, and spiraling downward. Thankfully, that hasn't happened. I also wanted to snag back a month or so of service time, which, well, is still lost. But in Moose's specific case, the most important issue was that he avoiding miserably failing for three months to end 2011. It looks like that has been avoided.