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Should You Buy Royals Tickets or a Jet Pack?

Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle ponder the question: should you buy Royals season tickets or a jet pack?

Actually, I pray this works. I find MLB's new embedded video widgets nearly impossible to use and share, but that's only on each of the three browsers I have.

Assuming that didn't work, here's a link to the video.

Now, Royals tickets is a good choice if you happen to be able to afford it (job-creators!). But what of a jet pack? Would that make you a rocketeer? Something to be said for that, given that the film by that name included, "perhaps the most divine creature in the history of film: a 20-year-old Jennifer Connelly." Of course, I'd probably go with the tickets just because I'd almost certainly die in a horrific jet pack accident.