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Alex Gordon Leads Royals to Offensive Explosion Against Hapless Birds

The Royals whipped the Orioles to the tune of 17 hits and 9 runs tonight. Oddly, it took a semi-fluky series of bloops and the like to ignite the final difference making rally, but none of us are going to complain about that. Every Royal ended up with a hit and a full five players had multi-hit games. And Mike Moustakas, he clapped for all of it.

If tomorrow, MLB announced that the Orioles and Royals would just keep playing each other exclusively for the rest of the season, would anyone mind?


  • Alex Gordon went 4-5. Dominate.
  • Of course it isn't always going to be this good, but the Gordon-Melky-Butler 1-2-3 looks bonafide Major League right now.
  • Chris Getz had two hits and Jeff Francoeur had three. I think one total was solidly struck, but I know I'm just a miserable bastard.
  • Jeff Francis passed the time.
  • Tim Collins pitched an inning and he didn't walk anyone!