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Johnny Giavotella heading to Kansas City

Small man. Big bat?
Small man. Big bat?

According to the Royals Twitter feed, the Royals have purchased Johnny Giavotella's contract from Omaha. They have not announced a corresponding move as of yet, but do not be surprised to see the Royals' surrogate Benny Profane, Everett Teaford, on yet another trip back to Omaha. 

From the reports out of Blog Your Way to The K, Giavotella may not be full-time when he gets here as the Royals love Chris Getz's Getziness. Based on reports from there, it sounds like Getz will likely be a defensive replacement when necessary or when Ned Yost decides to get his Mistake Free on. 

Giavotella will be added to the 40-man roster. The Royals had an extra spot on the 40-man following the Wilson Betemit trade, so a corresponding DFA should not prove to be necessary.

Update: Both Rustin Dodd and Bob Dutton are speculating that Yamaico Navarro looks to be the man optioned to Omaha. This makes very little sense in so many ways. Only in Kansas City...