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The Thrilling Royals HR Race

Quite the battle has broken out at the top of the team leaderboard in home runs

  • Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur are tied for the team lead with 14 home runs. Francoeur homered on Opening Day and had 8 HRs on May 4th, so he's spent much of the season as the team leader. Gordon has been slow and steady, and had three HRs in late July to get to 14.
  • Melky Cabrera and Billy Butler are right behind the leaders with 13 HRs apiece. Melky had 5 HRs in May and 4 in July. Butler, notably, had like -2 HRs a week ago and now has 13 after Seitzer's miraculous coaching.
  • Hosmer has 10 round trippers and is a long shot to lead the team.