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Ned Yost, Dayton Moore Find Someone Else to Favor Over Mitch Maier in Royal Loss

KANSAS CITY - Royals Manager Ned Yost replaced Mitch Maier with an unidentified fan Saturday night.

"We like his game. We like his hustle," said Yost.

"If you cross this guy, bring your lunch," said Yost, amidst a rambling and at times incoherent oration explaining the fan's moxie and grit that used the phrases "some kind" and "hair on fire" repeatedly. "He's a tough guy who'll fight you for anything and that's what we want in a player."

The fan's hairstyle has made him a favorite amongst the team's pitching staff.

Royals General Manager Dayton Moore pointed to the fans choice of footwear. "We spotted him in sandals before the game and decided if something happened, we would make the call."

"Look," said Moore, "we all like Mitch. But Allard Baird drafted him."

The unidentified fan played the final three innings of Saturday's loss to the Tigers, striking out to end the game in the 9th.

"I don't want to destroy his confidence," said Yost.