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Johnny Giavotella Homers, Doubles, Prevents Thunderstorm in Royals Win

So this is what we were missing.

Apparently it wasn't that the Royals were not allowed to get offensive production from the second base position, it was that they were wilfully shooting themselves in the foot by batting Chris Getz every night. His replacement, Johnny Giavotella, homered, doubled, and scored two runs in a 4-3 Royals victory.

Some fun stats, courtesy of Rany Jazeryli:

  • Since June 8th, Johnny Giavotella now has more extra-base hits (2) in nine at-bats than Chris Getz has (1) in 185 at-bats.
  • In his third game with the Royals, Giavotella has two extra-base hits. In  169 games with the Royals, Chris Getz has never had two extra-base hits in one game.
  • In his tenth at-bat with the Royals, Johnny Giavotella homered. Chris Getz has never homered in 575 at-bats with the Royals.

Giavotella's success of course, is because Dayton Moore perfectly timed his promotion to allow him the perfect amount of seasoning in AAA. I believe you all owe Dayton an apology. I'll wait.

Bruce Chen did his impression of Luke Hochevar, pitching very well for five innings before hitting a wall in the sixth. Luckily a microburst storm caused by the anger of Chris Getz at losing his starting position was able to delay the game at that point long enough for the bullpen to come in and shut things down. Royals pitchers did not walk a single hitter all day. Bob McClure is vindicated.

Hey, we're just twelve games out of first place! Two good weeks are we are IN THIS THING!