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Royals Shutdown by Shields, Lose 4-0

Quick hits:

  • The game was only 1 hour 53 minutes long. The TV announcers stated that it was the fastest game in Tampa Bay history.
  • Longoria provided all the offense for the Rays with a 2 RBI single in the 1st inning and a 2 RBI home run in the 6th inning.
  • Shields was lights out, 8K, 3BB, CG.
  • Francis pitched OK, 4K, 0BB, 1HR in 7IP. The Royals just never seem to give Jeff any run support.
  • The Royals got 6 hits, not one was for an XBH. Also, the Royals only hit into 2 double plays. The last four hitters of the Royals lineup didn't even get a chance to hit for a 4th time.
  • Moustakas and Escobar each went 2 for 3.