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Royals Squeak by Mariners in Game No One Sees

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The Royals vanquishing of those hated Seattle Mariners was a bit overshadowed today, with it being the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the opening weekend for NFL football. For at least one day, we could put aside our differences with those awful Mariners, and remember the lessons from September 11 - we are all in this together, brothers-in-arms, making the world a better place..

Okay back to hating the Mariners. The Royals split the four game series with those dirty Pacific Northwesterners, and took the season series 5-3. Put that salmon in your pipe and smoke it.

The game was not on TV, subjecting us to Ryan Lefebvre's bad Italian accents on radio. Alex Gordon was all-or-nothing today, providing two RBI doubles - the only runs for the Royals - and striking out his other three at-bats. They were his 44th and 45th doubles of the year, tying him for the fifth most ever in a season in franchise history. 

Everyone in the lineup had a hit except predictably Yamaico Navarro and Chris Getz. But I'm sure Getz did other things that helped the team that didn't show up in the box score, like chew his gum properly and pat his teammates on the rear.

The possibly-British, probably-not-British lefty Everett Teaford was outstanding in his start, giving up three hits in five shutout innings, earning his first Major League win. A hearty fish and chips for you chap.

Royals pitchers struck out twelve more Mariners today. The Mariners struck out 51 times in a four game series. They are really bad at hitting baseballs. 

That was the last game of the year against a non-Central division foe. Hope you like seeing a lot of A.J. Pierzynski.