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Mini-Sweep of the Twins Leaves Royals Closer to Dream Fourth Place Finish

Thanks to a two-game sweep of the Twins (part of a four game winning streak overall) the Royals now have a four game lead in the fourth place race. It isn't what anyone really wants or cares about (I think) but I know many of us have no love for the Twins, so seeing them humbled a bit is no bad thing.

And draft position? Who cares about draft position. Dayton doesn't even need a 2012 draft. Or a 2013 draft. The system is that good.

Observations related to today:

  • The Royals are now 36-39 at home.
  • Six hits combined for the Francoeur-Moose portion of the order, including a Moose double and a Francoeur steal. I suspect they'll be hitting close to one another next season as well, and they're going to give us some boom or bust innings.
  • Also of note were two hit games from Hosmer and Gordon. I'm not sure it is fully deserved but I think we're getting to the point where Hosmer will get some Rookie of the Year votes.
  • I don't really file away Luke Hochevar's start as good or bad. The Twins can't score even when they want to, and they fielded a B-list lineup today. Not hatin', as they say, just, umm... sayin'.
  • Tim Collins walked two batters. I hearby predict that Collins will see time in the minor leagues next season.