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Kansas City Royals 2012 Draft Position in Flux

Hustle. Fire. Faith. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Hustle. Fire. Faith. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Depending on how the final two weeks of the season go, the Royals could be drafting anywhere from 4th to 10th overall in the 2012 MLB Draft. If the season ended today, the Royals would pick 6th. However, because of how closely the teams are bunched, that's far from a stable position.

Here are the reverse standings at the moment:

  1. Houston (51-98)
  2. Minnesota (59-89)
  3. Baltimore (60-88)
  4. Seattle (62-87)
  5. Padres (63-87)
  6. KANSAS CITY (64-86)
  7. Chicago (65-84)
  8. Pittsburgh (67-82)
  9. Oakland (67-82)
  10. Florida/Miami (67-81)

Houston is a near lock to be drafting first overall, something that has been in the works since 2009. The Twins have risen/fallen quickly in the last few days and are now all the way up to 2nd overall. That would be so Twins of them, wouldn't it? After over a decade of blah mediocrity, they'd cash in on their one dreadful season mightily. The last time the Twins drafted that high was 2001, when they took Joe Mauer.

There probably won't be much difference between drafting 5-6-7, but things get a little dicier if the Royals go on a hot streak. The Royals are only three wins ahead/behind of the teams sitting at 8-9-10. Frankly, drafting 10th next year doesn't have much appeal to me.

We talk about this every year and there's no right answer. Some people live and die with each Royals loss and don't ever want them to lose. Others gleefully start rooting for draft position. Others look at the circumstances (that's where I tend to be). There isn't a right answer, because this is sports and ultimately meaningless. Do whatever you want.

I just caution to be aware of the circumstances.