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Red Hot Royals Win Again

Make it five in a row for your fourth place Royals!

  • It's a bit of a bummer that this winning streak is coming now, because, as we see every spring, Royals fans are starved for a winner. People would have really enjoyed this in April or May. Oh well, wins are wins.
  • As I wrote earlier today, we're starting to get into draft pick implications due to this hot streak. The Royals still might not win 70 games, but who knows... we always hear about ending the season strong.
  • Four hits for Melky tonight. Sell high!
  • Three hits for Sal... the Savior... Perez. Including a triple. Wha!?
  • Billy hit a three run HR. It's a bit sad to think about all that went right for the offense this season.... and the team was still bad.
  • Actually, everyone had a hit, except for Gordon, who in his laziness only managed two walks. Passive bastard.
  • Jeff Francis had the most Jeff Francis start ever: two walks, two strikeouts, eight hits, randomly just two runs allowed to a dead White Sox team.
  • I would write that I enjoyed Yost stretching out Coleman for a two inning appearance, but kinda I just don't care. I'm not saying that bitterly, it's just... September. Yost does some interesting things, but I don't trust him and I certainly don't think he's a strategic asset.