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Royal Rally Falls Short

Quick Hits:

  • We all know Bruce Chen has nights like this in him. Chen allowed two homers, and was actually lucky that both were solo shots. Maybe I'm just too negative, but this is really the platonic ideal of a Bruce Chen start to me: 6 innings, 8 hits, 1 BB, 3 Ks.
  • Alex Gordon hit his 20th homer tonight. Again, dude is awesome and deserves MVP down-ballot love. Which he won't get, but whatever.
  • Melky & Francoeur doubled. Which equals Gordon's homer. Can the Royals PR team hire me now?
  • Once a week Teaford threw three scoreless innings. Yost is way too small-ball happy, but I like it when he occasionally does this with a reliever. And tomorrow we'll have 4 guys share 2 innings with two walks by Timmy Collins. Anyway.