Blood alcohol content world records


Former Royals pitcher Curtis Leskanic was recently busted for DUI with his five-year-old daughter in the front seat. He blew a .331, which is literally off the charts for a 200-pound man; he must have had fifteen or so drinks. A BAC of .300 can kill you, and a BAC of .500 will kill you, as a general rule. The all-time records for blood-alcohol content are: 1.48%: A man in Warsaw, Poland "beer-bonged grain alcohol" that he had stolen from his workplace. He then had a car accident, from which he died several days later. 1.23%: A man in Skierniewice, Poland was hit by a car. They tested his BAC several times because they thought the machine was broken. He survived. 1.02%: A homeless man, half-naked, was found sleeping in the snow in Cieszyn, Poland. He survived. Note a pattern here? Depending on the method of measurement used, the all-time record may belong to a man who blew 1.6g/100ml in Queenstown, South Africa. His wife and five children, along with fifteen sheep they had stolen, were in the vehicle. He survived. The American record belongs to a woman in Klamath, Oregon, who blew a .720. She survived, as well. Any of you all ever try for the record? You have to have survived, or it doesn't count. Extra points for every sheep stolen during the attempt.