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Royals Romp Past White Sox

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Quite the onslaught. Start printing 2012 playoff tickets, because the foundation is in place, Dayton is making a move to bring Bloomquist back, and the future is bright.


  • Remember when Zack/h Stewart almost threw a perfect game? Tonight he threw an imperfect game.
  • 18 hits. I'm still not used to the Royals having a good offense. There's like four days left in the season, guess it just never sunk in.
  • Lo Cain went 2-5 in his Royals debut, including a double.
  • Four hits for a suddenly competent Moose at the plate. If only I was told "he adjusts slowly to new levels." Oh wait, I was told that five times a day for a month.
  • Alcides Escobar homered.
  • Eric Hosmer has 19 home runs, Jeff Francoeur has 20. Yay. Francoeur got to a round number for HRs.
  • Mazzaro pitched a scoreless inning and lowered his ERA to 8.88