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Alex Gordon's Historic Season Going Unnoticed

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Why doesn't the mainstream media understand how good of a season Alex Gordon is having this year? With the release of Moneyball the movie, a person would think that TV, radio and newspaper reporters would all be showing off their possible knowledge. Instead, all we hear or read about is the 200 hits that Melky is trying to get, the grit from Francoeur or the great rookie season Hosmer Jesus is having. They are completely ignoring one of the greatest seasons in Royals history over the last 25 years.

It is time to break out a few numbers to show how good Alex Gordon is doing this year. This season he is first in WAR and wRC (quantify a player's total offensive value and measure it by runs)
Alex Gordon 6.4 WAR, 113 Runs Created
Melky Cabrera 3.8 War, 97 Runs Created
Jeff Francoeur 2.8 WAR, 92 Runs Created

Gordon with the easy win. It is not even really close. Now here are WAR and wRC single season leaders over the last 10 years:


Carlos Beltran, 2003, 6.7 WAR,
Alex Gordon 2011, 6.4 WAR
Mike Aviles 2008, 4.4 WAR

Alex Gordon 2011, 113 wRC
Carlos Beltran, 2003, 111 wRC
Billy Butler, 2010, 105 wRC

It could easily be argued that Gordon's 2011 season is on par with Beltran's 2003 season. He may be second, but there is no one else close to the pair. Now, pushing the year back to 1992, or 20 years, here are the WAR leaders:

Carlos Beltran, 2003, 6.7 WAR,
Alex Gordon 2011, 6.4 WAR
Jay Bell, 1997, 5.6 WAR 

wRC (the 2000 edition)
Mike Sweeney, 131
Johnny Damon, 126
Jermaine Dye, 125
(Gordon was 7th with 1113)

Gordon gets pushed off the wRC leaderboard, but still is at the top with Beltran on the WAR leader board.

I do find it a little weird that two SS are the last two closest players to the WAR lead consider the ineptitude of Royals SS over the years. 

I have to go back to 1985 for any Royal to put up a higher WAR value than Beltran did in 2003 and Gordon is putting up this season. Some guy with the last name Brett put up a 8.7 WAR that season. He was supposedly decent.

How in the hell is this not the headline every freaking day and night? One of the top 2 seasons since 1985 by a hitter is being put up by Alex Gordon and no one is saying a single word. @#$%&*. Why can't people that get paid to cover the team figure this out? Did Alex piss in their cornflakes or something? Does he crop dust them every time he walks by? Does he give bad Xmas gifts? What the hell is it?

I feel bad for Alex right now. He should be in the spot light. The dream season. Instead, he is just considered to be having a second rate season compared to the others around him. Maybe, just maybe, the mainstream media will give Alex the credit he deserves over the last 3 games of the season. I am guessing probably not and that is too bad for Alex.