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Royals Defeat White Sox in Tight-Pitched Game

Win number 70 for the Royals, who finish the season 11-7 against the White Sox.

  • No hits today for our beloved Melky Cabrera, which is of course all any of us should care about, right? The mercurial Melky remains at #199.
  • Did we learn anything about Luis Mendoza today? I'm not sure. Obviously, he had an effective day, allowing just five hits and two walks to the White Sox. The old wisdom was that a guy who doesn't miss bats just couldn't survive in the Majors, especially the AL, but if every team is going to field two to three Dysons and Escobars to prove some point about the New Era of baseball, then maybe they can.
  • I'm just going to assume Cain & Dyson together is a helluva defensive outfield. I'm moderately excited to watch the last three games, should they continue to play.
  • Some weird decisions on Ned Yost's lineup card. Is he selecting guys randomly? Sal Perez hitting #5? Dyson leading off, with Cain hitting #6? Getz randomly playing?
  • Actually, scratch that last question. Obviously Getz is playing so that Gordon Beckham can greet him with juvenile humor, because being gay is both an insult and really really funny.