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Mitch Maier Writes Home From Baseball Summer Camp: Letter Seven

 (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Dere Mom & Dad,

Oh man! I cant believe what has happened in the last few days. We came into the last series of the year and it was these 3 really big games against this other team that no one liked. Coach had bin mad at me all sumer and you remember there was that time when the team left without me and I didn't know. So I kinda thought I would just stay on the bench the hole time again. I had made up this game where every inning I have to think up a new word and try to say it backwards. I dont know why but it is really hard to do. When Jared came back I told him about it but then he didn't say anything so I just played it myself.

But then I was in the dugout before this game on Monday and then I heard people saying Jeff wasn't going to play anymore because he won some prize and they wanted him to rest. I don't know that how when you don't play that means your good? Maybe that meens I was team MVP. Haha. So then when the game was going on this guy Melky got a bunch of hits.It was real emotional. I think I heard someone say he broke a camp record. I dont really know. But I was so happpy to see him do this great thing. When he got the record the bosses from the camp had all came into the dugout and everyone was so happy and crying and then they told me I was going to play and I couldn't believe it.

And then the next day I played again. But I thout no way would I play on the last game. Everyones parents were there. Or at least most peoples. But then I was in the lineup again! I made some really good catches and came close to hitting a home run this one time. I just wanted to get a hit so bad during my last game. I wish I did.

I wish you could know this Milkey guy. That is such a cool name. He says everytime he goes to the cafeteria he says he can get chocolate milk because he's the milk man. He will do these silly things during games and he can speak spanish soooooooo fast. You should here him! After the last game there was a long argument in the bus about who was better him or Jeff. The winner was goeing to get to order our pizzas for the party. I don't remember who won because I feel asleep in the back of the bus and missed it.

I still don't believe I pitched in that game. I want to switch to pitching next year. If I can come bakc. I think it will be fun to take the bus back home. I am going to take some extra food in a cereal box for the ride and I already have my backwards game to play if I get bored.

I felt strange packing up my room today. I heard people getting ready to go and talking about things down the hall. The lineoleum felt so cold when i had the air conditioning on and my shoes off. This guy named Nathan was across from the hall from me. When his parents came to get him they thought I was in his room. I remembered them when they dropped him off. Even tho I lived next to him, we didnt become friends this year. OK. When he moved out Billy showed up and gave him his address and phone number to talk during school. They were all talking with their parents. Win I heard there voices down the hall I kept the door closed.