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Mitch Maier Writes Home From Baseball Summer Camp: Letter Six

Dear Dad & Mom,

I thought I would write home today because I noticed on my desk I steel had three envelopes left and some stamps and I don't think I'm going to use them all before I leave. Sory I didn't write home earlier, we have been playing games just about every day now, and I lost track of things.

I have been doing good when I play. Just about every time coach lets me play I can get a hit. I have started singing in my head this song about myself and playing baseball. I know it is dumb but I kinda like it. It's like the Sportscenter song but then it has words. Ha it makes me laigh. But then I saw the coach saw me this one time when I was humming to myself and he said "Balllplayers are supposed to be mean." And when he said it I could just die.

One time, we were on the road somewhere, and I hadn't played in a long time and I forgot to bring the right pair of shoes. Then it looked like Jeff had hurt his leg because he was running funny. So then in the dugout everyone was asking him "are you ok? and that. But then he smiled and said he was fine and he was a BALLPLAYER and looked right at me and he would keep playing. Everyone was happy but I was sad. But oh, the shoes. I guess it was ok because I had the wrong shoes on.

I was glad that you were home when I called from the pay phone that time. You are right I have been learning a lot. I didnt get to play much in August but it was fun. When the rest of the team leaves after practice I go too this spot where there is a brick wall. Their is a buket of tennis balls in the lockerroom that I know where it is. So I get the tennis balls and practice throwing the ball against the wall real hard.

I can't believe we got to go to Canada. Some of the team was talking about getting pootine. I thought it was a bad word or thing but it was actually some type of food. I heard people talking about the next day. I asked them to bring me some next time. I bet they will.

I don't know what I will do this fall win I come home. I know all the TV channels for here now and I know when the good shows are.