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Who Will Have a Higher Walk Rate in 2012: Moose or Hosmer?

Jeff wrote about Hosmer's walk rate last week, noting that Eric Hosmer's low BB totals are perhaps, just a little bit, something to keep an eye on.

Hosmer and Mike Moustakas have been mentioned in the same sentence since Hosmer was drafted, and the long held assumption was that Hosmer was the more polished hitter, the more patient hitter. From the beginning really Moose has been fairly aggressive and there have been concerns about this playing out at the Major League level as a problem.

Interestingly, Hosmer and Moose posted identical walk rates of 6% in 2012, and when you factor in IBBs (Hosmer had 7, Moose had none) you actually have Moose rating better in this regard.

Jumping off of our discussion from last week, let's talk about your expectations for Moose and his patience in 2012, and if he or Hosmer will have a higher walk rate.