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Game 160 - The Detroit Tigers Versus The Kansas City Royals

Three games left before it is all over.

Well kids, it's the last lawless Monday Game Thread for 2012. Hell, we all know that it's really the last one ever. I'll be dead. You'll be dead. We'll all be dead.

2012. This was it. The Royals last chance at relevance before the prophesied end of the world. An utter failure. As have gone the past 27 years, so went this one. A fitting end to a brutal string of embarrassing baseball, playing out that way to the bitter end. We'll always have Humberto Quintero and Tommy Hottovy. Well, if "always" is the last two-and-a-half months of this world's life.

I suppose it behooves us all to play along as though the calendar will turn over to 2013. If we accept that unlikely premise, then it once again behooves the Royals to lose, lose, lose as the home team.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

I just want to bee my ell on some tees.