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OT: Friday Open Thread - Malarkey Edition

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This past Royals season was a bunch of malarkey. Let's talk about it.

Drew Hallowell - Getty Images

Friday Link Dump

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Slate: Do Bryce Harper's red contacts help him see the ball better?

Funniest GIFs from last night's debate.

8 Paul Ryan Movie Posters

Diamond Joe Biden Takes Over Twitter

EU's Nobel Prize Raises Eyebrows

Should Lance Armstrong's Hero Status Be Revoked?

The magical powers of Gangnam-style

Four Questions Full of Malarkey

1. What fictional party - from a movie, TV show, music video, book - would you most like to have attended?

2. What is the most creative Halloween costume you have ever seen?

3. Will you dress up for Halloween? As what?

4. If I could give you tickets (and a time machine) to any World Series in history, not including the 1980 and 1985, which one would you attend?

Bonus: Malarkey or fooferaw? Argle-bargle or fiddlesticks?

Don't forget: