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Open Thread: And Then We Came To The End... Of The LDS

The open thread for the final night of the LDS.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere, but isn't this the first time all four LDS went the full five games? Seems like it. As great as Wednesday was, Thursday was pretty great... The Buster Posey grand slam, the Jayson Werth walk-off, the Orioles surviving in extras and Justin Verlander doing his level best to impress Kate Upton.

While you may have had reasons to root for different teams in the series that were settled last night, there can be no doubt as to the teams that must lose Friday.

The slate...

4 PM - Blatimore (Jason Hammel) at New York (CC Sabathia)

7:30 PM - St. Louis (Adam Wainwright) at Washington (Gio Gonzalez)