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Tracking Royal Prospects

From Bubba to Zimmer

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I love numbers, but I believe too many stories are being told by them. The problem is that it takes quite a bit of data to eventually make any number significant. The problem is even worse in the minor leagues where competition levels, age of players and different ball parks cause numbers to be skewed in unknown directions. While players are in the minors, first hand evaluations mean more than any data from a single box score (besides maybe pitch speed).

I am trying to combine as many first hand evaluations together at one place for people to consume. I would like to stay away from evaluations done via stats. I can look up that Bubba Starling has a K% over 30% in Rookie ball and say he has issue with plate discipline. I am looking for reason why. Long swing? Swings at everything? Can he hit a curve ball? Whenever a player receives a first hand evaluation and I find out about it, the article will be added to the player's profile. I am not limiting my self to Royals, so if any body wants any player added, just let me know.

Besides professional evaluations, I would love to link up video from anyone that films a player at a minor league game. As long as the video is somewhat decent (close, good angle, steady), I will post it up and then other people can add their evaluations. A person may see Adalberto Mondesi playing and want to know what others think of him. They would just need to record a video, load it up to YouTube and I can add him to the database.

Also, I would love any information on any pitcher's fastball speed. Fastball speeds aren't available for the minors. Fastball speed and change in speed would be useful information.

I have a few of goals on the project. First, I would like to make minor league players more accessible. If someone happens to shoot video of a player during spring training, they can upload the video and it would be available for everyone to see.

Besides seeing players for a first time, I hope to track how the player adjust/progresses through the minors. Right now I have some various evaluations of Bubba Starling from his time in high school to this late fall. His progress can be tracked from one level to the next.

Finally, I have an option to evaluate and comment on a player mechanics. Other readers can then evaluate the player from afar. While none of us here at Royals Review are professional scouts, all of us have an opinion. Go ahead and voice it by voting or commenting. Just remember, scouts love Colt Griffin, you can you love Noel Arguelles.

I have set up an initial seeding of data at Some people may have seen some of the initial work. I now have it in a format that I think will work. I will populate it with information as I find it (ex. Justin Marks had problems maintain his velocity over 50 pitches yesterday). If anyone wants any link added, just let me know in the comments or via email (wydiyd ~ hotmail). Also, if anyone is dying to add links themselves, just let me know and I would love to give them the ability to help add players. For an initial sampling, go through, read up on Bubba and evaluate his swings. Also, let know of any changes you would like added.