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LCS Open Thread: Thursday Night

Tigers are looking to become the first team to sweep a post season series from the Yankees since the Royals silenced the Bronx in 1980.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

As of this writing, both games are in a rain delay. The hated Cardinals lead the Giants 3-1 in the seventh inning with two runners on. The Yankees and Tigers won't start on time.

The epic news of the day is the Yankees will take the field without Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson in the lineup. Even more delicious is the trade rumor that has Rodriguez heading to Miami. I delight in the theater of the absurd. Yeah, the Yankees are talking trade during the ALCS. And the Marlins... too perfect.

Here's the box from the ALCS game:


And the current box from the NLCS:


So... The question on everyone's mind... Eric Hosmer for Alex Rodriguez... Who hangs up first?

EDIT: The Tigers win and the Cardinals now have a 2-1 lead on the Giants... Let's use this as a continuation of our nightly thread.