Not Eating This Crap Any Longer!

Q; Are the fans of Kansas City a classy bunch of sheep…just too good natured to put an end to the sheering?

First as a classy group of fans, full of passion for the game, we have supported our beloved Royals from day 1 in 1969.
One has to look no further than the standing ovation given Miguel Cabrera, a division rival, last night, to feel the love and passion for baseball in Kansas City.
Not to mention the job we did for supporting Billy Butler, by not settling for the lies & slight from Robinson Cano for 10.
Over the years…come what may, whatever they put on the field, we backed with all the passion and vigor that any city in America does well to imitate.
We had the pleasure of having one heck of a group of players come through our fair Midwest city over the years, including one of the grittiest, hardnosed, loyal, passionate players to ever play the game, in one George H Brett. And coming in at a close second behind him was our very own homegrown Frank White.
They took us to 2 World Series, the first in 1980, and then in 1985.

As a fan who was there at our humble beginnings in 1969, and there at game 7 in 1985 and who lead the charge onto the field when Motley caught the final out, and as a current season ticket holder, I have more than proved my passion for the game.
And there are fans o’plenty just like me here in KC.

Well that’s baseball in Kansas City
Now, for the snag…

Glass became the interim CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royals on September 23, 1993, following the death of the founding owner, Ewing Kauffman.
Under Glass' leadership, the board cut the payroll budget from $41 million to $19 million.
During the Major League Baseball strike of 1994-1995, Glass opposed any settlement with the players' union without a salary cap, and supported the use of strike breaking "replacement" players, despite a court ruling that Major League owners were in violation of Federal labor laws.
On April 18, 2000, Glass became sole owner of the Royals, purchasing the organization for $96 million.
The Board approved his offer despite a competing bid $120 million byMiles Prentice
MLB said that Prentice did not have league mandated net worth to buy the team.
An original stipulation of the sale was that any profits from Glass' sale of the Royals must go to charity, but that clause has since expired.
During his crapfest as owner, Glass has been criticized for using the same cost-cutting management style of the Wal-Mart company with the Royals baseball team, resulting in large personal profits for himself but a poorly-performing team.
Glass' management is cited for transforming the Royals from a winning team in the 1980s to one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball during the 1990s and 2000s.

Glass created a controversy on 9 June 2006 by revoking the press credentials of two reporters who had earlier asked pointed questions to Royals management.
The harsh move to avoid criticism infuriated many within the press and led to a backlash of articles that extended far beyond the Kansas City sports community.

Two Kansas City sports radio reporters -- Rhonda Moss and Bob Fescoe, hit Glass with questions about his decision to fire Allard Baird, the old Kansas City general manager/scapegoat.
Glass wanted the day to be a celebration of his ability to bait Dayton Moore, a then, hot GM prospect chip off the ole John Schuerholz block, into being Glass' next pigeon.
Fescoe and Moss saw the press conference -- Glass' first public media gathering since he announced in the Kansas City Star a month earlier his intentions to scapegoat (aka fire) Baird -- as an opportunity to publicly browbeat Glass for his reprehensible treatment of Baird.
Rather than ask Moore meaningless questions about a management philosophy that Glass' cheapness and incompetence will undermine, Moss and Fescoe took turns probing Glass (and Glass' bumbling son/team president, Dan) about his cheapness and incompetence as it related to Baird.
Glass grew visibly annoyed.
And finally, emboldened by Fescoe's hypocritical radio boss's Thursday afternoon monologue lambasting Fescoe and Moss and sucking up to Glass, the worst owner in professional sports returned to his Wal-Mart roots a day later.
Glass instructed his media relations staff to strip Fescoe and Moss of their credentials for the rest of the year.
Yes sir, the man who as chairman of the board of directors of the Royals for seven years negotiated a sweetheart, $96 million sales price of the club for himself -- $24 million less than the other bidder -- has a history of reacting poorly to difficult public questions.
Welcome back to 1938 Nazi Germany.

Glass has played the Kansas City fans and media like Mozart played a grand piano.
Before purchasing the Royals, he spent his seven years as chairman of the board convincing us through the local media that no one would want to buy the "small market" team given baseball's economic situation.
Glass headed off George Brett's attempt to purchase the club with next to no local media backlash.
A KC legend that would have paid 24mil more than Glass gets pushed aside? What planet is this anyway?
Glass somehow cast himself as a white knight owner willing to save us from an out-of-town buyer who might move the team.
We ate up Glass' small-market BS and told Kansas City sports fans that it was unreasonable to expect the Royals to field a contender when the Yankees and Red Sox could field teams with payrolls more than triple K.C.'s.
The Royals were treated like an ugly dog with mange.

A franchise that thrived in the '70s and '80s powered by owner Ewing Kauffman's passion for the club and the city was reduced to accepting the efforts of a half-assed owner who started every year with a half-baked plan to win half the club's games in hopes that half the stadium would be filled. A feat we are still waiting on after all these years.

But hey…as long as the truck-load of cash keeps coming to fill his vault, there is no trouble in paradise.

Then comes 2011-2012 and the Frank White issue.
Frank was interviewed for the Manager position when Tony Pena was fired. A position that Frank had worked his whole, post playing days for.
Instead the job was given to the great Trey Hillman.
Then when it became apparent that Hillman was clueless, Dayton spoon fed Ned Yost the job even though he was ousted in Milwaukee for being a complete failure, showing absolutely no ability to manage at the MLB level.
All this without even calling Frank in for an interview!
Frank feeling like he was just punched in the gut, kept his distance from ownership and upper management while doing a stellar job filling in for the ailing (and later dead) KC great Paul Splittorff in the booth.
Franks cold shoulder to the very Foxes who slapped him was not to be tolerated though.
Frank was fired by Fox Sports, and the reason given was his being too negative.
Fans were confused and outraged, but when it all came to light, we learned that it was Dan Glass (President) who was the puppet master who orchestrated the entire firing because of Frank refusing to lick the back of the hand that had just slapped him.

Who has the audacity to totally hose a home-grown legend like Frank White?
#20 Royals Hall of Fame Frank White!
They guy who has his own statue and jersey retired Frank White!
8 (9) Gold Gloves Frank White!
Gave his entire life to KC, Frank White!

The only Fox with enough nerve to enter the chicken coup and pull this crap is the very same Fox who hoodwinked an entire fan base and continues to fleece this fan base and pull the above mentioned crap on to local sports reporters.
The very same fox that has the audacity to manipulate the devaluation of the team, and then buy it for nothing, then have an entire community to pay Hundreds of Millions to upgrade and remodel the stadium without paying one red cent out of pocket!
And last night hearing Glass talk about "Trading" for starting pitching, instead of paying from the massive profits he has raked made me want to hurl chunks!

Just how much more of this crap are we going to take Royals Fans?

I for one am sickened by what has transpired here since this no good fox entered our coup.
It is a crying shame that people of money and privilege are allowed to raid & pillage in our fair city with absolutely no repercussions to the thieves themselves.
It’s time to wake up and stop this madness, fans!!!

I love our Royals and always will, but I hate with a passion what this "so called" owner has done to this team and its outstanding fans…the Sheep of KC who are too good natured to put a stop to the fleecing.

David and Dan Glass.

We don’t want you here, period!!!
How many banners flown over the stadium, and how many full page adds in the Star, and how many national media articles, and how many blogs like this will it take for you to realize that we are done feeding on your filthy lies and deception?

Leave NOW, and never return to darken our towels again.

My fellow fans of the Kansas City Royals
Are we REALLY that good natured that we won’t put a stop to this crap?

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