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The Ervin Santana Trade: Reactions

The Ervin Santana Trade: Great trade? Or the GREATEST trade of the Dayton Moore era?

Jason Miller

Here is a summary of reactions to the Ervin Santana trade.

Bob Duttton's Pete Grathoff's piece quotes Dayton Moore indicating he is not done adding pitching. His quote from the presser: "We're not done."

Sam Mellinger says this is an okay start, but just okay. He has a few ideas for free agents (Brandon McCarthy) and trades (Rick Porcello for Aaron Crow?) that could help the team. Not sure if these are rumors or his own ideas.

Dave Cameron thinks Santana will bounce back a bit from his disastrous 2012, but that he will still be well overpaid for just an innings-eater-type pitcher.

Kings of Kauffman thinks this Santana a slight risk, but a good first step to improving the rotation.

Pine Tar Press also thinks its risky, but a one-year risk, and points out the shaky history between Santana and Billy Butler.

Angels fans at Halos Heaven seem relieved to be getting any compensation at all for Santana.

John Sickels thinks the Angels are getting a competent middle reliever in Brandon Sisk.

One poster at Baseball Think Factory questions why the Royals would acquire a pitcher who has done poorly at Kauffman Stadium.

Baseball America's J.J. Cooper thinks the Royals should kick the tires on Dan Haren as well.

Local Austrian-themed restaurant Grunauer is offering Ervin Santana a "welcome to KC" sausage platter.

Early Anagram Possibility: Insane Van Rat