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Post-Thanksgiving Open Thread

A few random questions for those who survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Tom Pennington

I would like to write a full post later in the afternoon, but I'm not entirely sure I can muster enough anger after eating so much food last night. It's difficult to feel angry at David Glass while stuffing my face full of yams covered in marshmallows. Anyways, on to the questions:

1) What is the most overrated Thanksgiving staple?

2) Did you participate in any Black Friday shopping this year? If so, what did you purchase?

3) There is a full slate of sports scheduled for this weekend, with the NFL, NBA, College Football and College Basketball in full swing. Are there any sporting events in the next three days that you plan on watching?

4) Are there any individual CD's that you enjoy, but you don't listen to anything else the artist has released? On the flip side, are there artists that you love but have records that you dislike?

5) What pitcher will the Royals trade for, and who will they give up?

Bonus: Where were you when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered?

Double Bonus: Any KC people going to see The Sword on Monday, Dec 3?