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Pick Your Pitcher

The free agent pitching market is full of speculation and lacking in fact as this point. Let's throw a few more logs on the speculative fire.

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Jon Heyman recently posted a list of projected free agent deals this off-season. He utilized an 'unnamed expert' and then also provided his own guesses. You can take each for what it is worth, but I thought the 'unnamed expert's' suggestions might prove for some interesting discussion as we work off our post election hangovers.

You might also want to check out SterlingRice's FanPost of several days ago that offers some additional speculation on the subject.

The Ervin Santana deal is in place and the Royals are stuck with it. Knowing that and taking the rather large leap that Heyman's expert is close on the projected price tag, how would you proceed if David Glass handed you the reigns to the Kansas City Royals?

Your options:

  • Zack Greinke - 6 years/$147 million
  • Anibal Sanchez - 4/$70
  • Kyle Lohse - 4/$64
  • Edwin Jackson - 3/$37
  • Ryan Dempster - 3/$33
  • Joe Saunders - 3/$25
  • Brandon McCarthy - 2/$22
  • Jeremy Guthrie - 2/$14
  • Hiroki Kuroda - 1/$14
  • Shaun Marcum - 1/$10.25
  • Dan Haren - 1/$10
  • Kevin Correia - 2/$10
  • Scott Baker - 1/$6.5
While Greinke likely will not even pick up the phone, Anibal Sanchez might. Can you fit $14 million per year into the Royals' budget through 2017? If you were to make a play for Sanchez, that would almost certainly preclude adding another pitcher this winter.

So, where do you spend your money?