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Royals sign OF Xavier Nady to minor league deal

Competition for Frenchy? Or Omaha Stormchaser All-Star?

Greg Fiume

The Royals have announced they have signed outfielder Xavier Nady to a minor league deal. Nady,34, is an eleven-year MLB veteran in the twilight of his career. Last year he hit .157/.211/.275 in 109 plate appearances with Washington before being cut loose and signing with the World Champion San Francisco Giants, where he hit .240/.333/.240 in 57 plate appearances. For his career, Nady has hit .270/.324/.432 with his best year coming in 2008 when he posted an .867 OPS with 25 home runs and 97 RBI.

Nady is a right-hander who has hit lefties well in his career. He can play both corner outfield positions and some first base. Dayton Moore has indicated he wanted to sign an outfielder "with pop", and when you have a chance to sign an outfielder who hasn't posted a .400 SLG since 2009, you have to do it.

Nady is pronounced with a "long A" like "Lady", not a "short A" like "nad tap."