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SB Nation Winter Meeting Simulation Thread

SB Nation Contributors try their hand at making trades and signing free agents.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Every winter about this time of year, fans gather to say things like "I can't believe that team overpaid so much for a flawed player," and "I can't believe that team made such a stupid trade." I'm sure we've all wondered if we could do better. Well I wanted to see if we could! I have organized thirty participants to represent all thirty teams in a Winter Meetings Simulation. Over the course of this week, fellow SB Nation editors, writers, and contributors will be making trades, negotiating for free agents, and angering fans. Here are the ground rules.

Ground Rules:

  • We rewind to the end of the regular season.
  • The assumption is your GM has resigned and been replaced. The new GM is free to set their own organizational philosophy. However, they must still adhere to the team budget
  • We're not concerned with the 40 man roster.
  • Players with no-trade clauses cannot be traded (this includes players with 10-5 rights). Players with limited no-trade clauses can be traded, but I reserve the right to veto it if I think the player would not accept the trade.
  • Minor leaguers can be traded, but must be specified. No Players to be named Later. Cash may be dealt, but the amount must be specified.
  • Free agent contracts are negotiated with me. Free agent contracts cannot be frontloaded or backloaded. Club options, player options, and mutual options may be offered.
  • Top offer will typically be taken, although there may be exceptions if a player has a preference on where he wants to play (NY over Pittsburgh; older vet may want to play for a "winner.")

The Timeline

Monday, December 3, 9am ET - Simulation begins - teams can trade, negotiate/sign free agents
Tuesday, December 4, noon ET - All club (or mutual) options for players must be picked up or declined. Declined options go into the free agent pool.
Wednesday, December 5, 5pm ET - All arbitration-eligible players must be tendered or non-tendered. Non-tendered players go into the free agent pool.
Friday, December 7, 1pm ET - Simulation ends

Transactions will be posted here (I will denote them with TRANSACTION in the header). Comments are welcome, but please try to limit discussions so this thread does not become unwieldy. Teams participating may advertise their team needs here (but you must attribute it to Jon Heyman!)

After the simulation, I'll have a wrap-up thread where participants and observers can talk about how it went.

Here is a Free Agent Tracker I will update nightly. (Last update Thursday, 9:30 ET)

Here is a List of Options and Arbitration Tenders you will have to make decisions on this week that I will update nightly. (Last update Wednesday, 9:30 ET)

Good luck! You can contact me at