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Winter Meetings: Day 2, Soria is a Ranger, Hochevar Wil(l) Bounce Back, Dickey Rumors

This will be a WAR

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Well, it is day 2 of the winter meetings and not a big piece of news yet for the Royals.

Soria Signs With Rangers for around $8-9M

I think this was a good move by all parties involved. Soria gets some guaranteed money while he is rehabbing for part of this season. The Rangers get a top closer for probably 1.5 seasons for a reasonable price. The Royals aren't paying Soria's salary for the chance he will be back 100% since they already have a stocked bullpen. It is sad to see him and his curve ball go.


The one mystery with Soria that will always exist is what could have the Royals gotten for him when he was healthy and the team didn't need a lock down 9th inning closer. The Royals ended up with nothing. No AAAA filler. Not a C+ prospect. No a damn thing. Not moving Soria at his peak value is one of the worst non-moves Dayton made during his tenure.

Yost on Hochevar

Ned Yost said that Luke Hochevar will bounce back. I know Ned can't throw him under the bus, but bounce back?Bounce back from what? From having the highest ERA among pitchers over the last 5 years. Luke has nothing to bounce back to, but being a below average frustrating pitcher.

Dickey Rumors

I would love to see the Royals pick up Dickey. The $5M he is owed is probably less than we will pay Hochevar. I know he wants an extension and the team that signs has the best chance to evaluate him. If people are worried about how he will pitch, wait a few starts and then offer the extension. I would not be too worried about his arm and some performance based incentives could be added to the contract.