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Rumor Central: Royals Won't Hesitate To Deal Myers For Shields

Insanity reigns in Opryland.


Rumors abound as the Winter Meetings are winding down. The BIG news has Bob Dutton reporting that the Royals wouldn't hesitate to ship Wil Myers to Tampa for James Shields. Dutton also noted that the Royals would likely have to add more to the deal.


That seems crazy. Never mind that there's really no way you can justify giving up Myers for two years of Shields, but the thought the Royals would have to send the Rays more?


Here's the latest as of 10 PM Central:

  • Jon Morosi says the Royals are interested in a variety of starting pitchers. I don't know about you, but I'm relieved Morosi made the trip to dig up this nugget of gold. In a related story, 29 other teams are interested in a variety of starting pitchers.
  • Morosi recovers in the second part of his tweet to reveal their top target is Anibal Sanchez. It's been an interesting couple of days on the rumor front for the Royals. We heard at one point the Royals did have the payroll flexibility to add a free agent starting pitcher. Then, that was refuted by Dayton Moore, via Bob Dutton. Now, the latest has the Royals in hot pursuit.
  • Ken Rosenthal reported the Royals are looking at Ryan Dempster. Dutton reported Ryan Dempster turned down a two year, $26 million deal. Well, yeah. Jeremy Guthrie got three years.
  • Rosenthal also kicked off this evening's Myers insanity with a Tweet saying the Royals were at a critical stage in the discussions on whether to trade their prospect.
It's a scary night in the Royals Universe.

Hold me.