Crowdsourcing a financial model of the Royals

There's a google spreadsheet out there with an attempt at modeling the Royals financials over the last seven years. It's a good idea, but some of the numbers are off, and they keep changing and their sources aren't clear. I think we can do a better job here at RR if we put our knowledge together.

Later, we can actually assemble this into a spreadsheet, but for now let's just talk about numbers and sources. The Pirates' financial statements that were leaked to Deadspin have a well organized income statement. Let's try to fill in these blanks for the Royals;

Home game receipts
Revenue sharing
Ballpark signage and naming rights
Other revenues

Operating Expenses
Player salaries
Team operations
Player development
Ballpark and game operations
Marketing, PR, gen'l and admin

Interest income
Interest expense

Now, we probably want to break out subcategories for some of these. Revenue sharing includes all manner of things, and we want to clarify whether we're putting things like revenues from the national TV contract in broadcasting or in revenue sharing.

However, i think we can get pretty good estimates on most of these. I'm going to start some comment threads on different categories. Try to keep your replies in the right thread (unless you can't use reply, in which case, fuck SBN United) so we can keep discussion focused. I'll keep adding information to the fanpost, but I'll plainly mark it as updated.

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