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Royals and Rays OVER THE Brink (Updated)

It gets worse, boys and girls.


Update 2: Wil Myers is on his way to Tampa Bay along with Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard. Coming back is James Shields, Wade Davis and a player to be named later.

Looks like there is something possibly maybe going down right now between the Royals and Rays. James Shields is involved, which means Wil Myers almost has to be.

More to come....

Update 1: Sounds like Shields and Wade Davis coming to Kansas City in exchange for Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard.

Real quick on the Rays' pitchers:

What James Shields brings is six straight seasons of 203 innings or more, with all but one of those producing 3.7 fWAR or above. In 2011, Shields tossed 249 innings (fWAR 4.9) and followed that up with 228 innings in 2012 (fWAR 4.3). Last year, Shields posted the highest strikeout rate of his career and his xFIP has improved in each of the past five seasons. Entering his age 31 season, Shields will make $9 million in 2013 and the Royals hold a team option for $12 million (with a $1 million buyout) for the 2014 campaign.

Entering his age 27 season in 2013, Wade Davis will make $2.8 million this season, $4.8 in 2014 and has team options for $7 million, $8 million and $10 million for the 2015 through 2017 seasons. Davis started his first 64 games for the Rays, but appeared strictly in relief in 2012. He threw in 54 games and struck out 11.13 batters per nine innings out of the pen: basically twice his rate as a starter.

Dayton Moore is going for broke.....