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Interesting George Brett Split Stats

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We really don't talk about George Brett enough around here.

The following are interesting, purely random splits from Brett's career:

  • Was terrible leading off a game. Hit .232/.273/.392 starting the game, which he did 132 times. To start an inning, he was better, hitting .302/.346/.492.
  • OPS by outs. 0- .869, 1-.864, 2-.839. I guess he just wasn't clutch.
  • Scratch that, his best inning offensively was extra innings, where he had a 1.019 OPS. Second best inning? The third - .887. Worst inning? The 9th - .774 OPS.
  • Brett hit really well against the Blue Jays (didn't they have good pitching in the 1980s?) posting a .953 OPS against those Canadians. His worst opponent was, weirdly, the Indians (.753)