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Royal Fantasy Players to Watch

This post should really be considered more a topic opening and a call to discussion, because I'm not sure any Royals are really valuable fantasy players.

The discussion begins with Joakim Soria. Really the Royals fantasy guy, if you are a traditional saves-centric league. Nevertheless, the Royals semi-demoted him briefly last season. Moreover, if he's traded, it might be to a contender that already has a closer.

After Soria who do you draft? Sure, in a deep league Francoeur or Gordon are decent players, as is Butler. I like all three guys in deep, weekly head to head leagues, because they'll play every day and fill the statsheet in reliably mediocre levels.

Do you take a run at Eric Hosmer? Sure, he would have an explosive, Pujols-like season. Or he could struggle or perhaps just settle in as a Butler-esque player.

As for the pitchers, The Sancheize is intriguing because of the strikeouts, as is Felipe Paulino, in an all around less combustible and possibly less interesting way.

Do you draft any Royals with your top 5 pick?

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