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Happy Birthday Bill Pecota!

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The legendary Bill Pecota turned 52 today. I'd post his stats, but Baseball-Reference has destroyed my will to live by throwing random minor league garbage into everything now. (Only .01% of the world knows what I'm talking about, but they know exactly what I'm talking about)

Pecota was a Royal from 1986-1991, went to the Mets in 1992, then played two final desultory years with Atlanta in a reverse Dayton Moore John Schuerholz move.

Pecota was a 10th round pick back in 1981 (he was the only player from his round to make the Majors), and while he became famous for being basically random and not that good, he carved out a decent career: 1729 PAs, playing just about every position and hitting .249 with some walks and some sometimes doubles. He peaked in 1991, posting a .286/.356/.399 line, which was good for a 109 OPS+

In what we might call the identity formula of sabermetrics, the PECOTA comparable for Pecota is Pecota.