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Gut Response: Are the Royals Better than the Twins?

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This series is meant to get us to start thinking about the 2012 by way of their divisional rivals. How good are the Royals in relation to their opponents. Today's questions: Are the Royals better than the Twins?

Twins in a box: 2011 record: 63-99. Additions: Ryan Doumit, Jamey Carroll, Josh Willingham, Joel Zumaya. Losses: Joe Nathan, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel, Jason Repko, Matt Tolbert, Anyone Who Liked Joe Mauer's Contract

Was 2011 the beginning of the end for the Twins, or were they simply an "everything went wrong" team? With elite talents like Mauer and Morneau and their ability to generate generic mediocre pitching, the Twins have been consistently OK for the last decade. Well, almost. They've had blips before. In 2007, they dropped down to 79 wins. In 2005, they fell to 83 wins. So they've bounced back before.

It must be said:

  • Won 94 games in 2010, 87 games in 2009. Went 10-8 against the Royals last season.
  • Joe Mauer had 333 PAs in 2010, Justin Morneau had 288.
  • Losses should also partially include Jim Thome and Delmon Young, who were traded in-season.