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Happy Birthday Buddy Biancalana and Pat Tabler!!!

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Oh what a day this is for Royals fans. Today Buddy Biancalana turns 52 and Pat Tabler turns 54.

Biancalana played six seasons for the Royals (1982-87) hitting .213/.269/.304. Even in the 1980s, that wasn't much offense, as that's an OPS+ of 56. In 1985, the year the Royals won the World Series, Buddy played in 81 games and hit a TPJ-esque .188, though he did somehow manage a .277 OBP. Nobody talks about his awesome '86 however, when he hit .242 and nearly manged a .300 OBP (.298).

Tabler was a Royal from 1988-90, hitting .279/.339/.347. Tabler joined the Royals in 1988 after being traded from Cleveland for Bud Black. In 1990, he was sent to the Mets in return for eventual Royal legend Archie Corbin.

It's a terrible shame these two never played together.