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Fox Sports KC Reportedly Considering Delightfully Weird Broadcast Pairing

As reported tonight, Rex Hudler is one of the finalists in Fox Sports KC's/whoever makes this decision to join Ryan Lefebvre in the booth next season.

My initial reaction to this news was that Hudler-Lefebvre would be a very strange pairing. Hudler's well... hard to describe. I may be inaccurate in this, but when I think about his style the following words come to mind: fast, loud, aggressive, crazy, former jock, etc. Back when I used to listen to Hudler when he was a frequent guest on the Jim Rome show I was convinced I was listening to someone who was not all there, but was somehow weirdly cogent. It was entertaining. Of course, gasp, that was actually quite a long time ago, and I'm not sure what the value of a mellow Hudler would be.

Nevertheless, the more I think about it, this could be a good partner for Ryan. I previously thought that Ryan's best partner was with Denny on the radio, which was kind of a low-key fest, with the two trying to our-wry each other. With Hudler, Ryan could mostly be the straight man, setup Hudler to talk about old-school type things, and pick his spots. It could be really good.

Or, it could be AWFUL. That's a real possibility. Ryan could be drowned out, could end up sounding small and more bitter than wry. It's the line between being an odd couple and just being two dudes who are really different and don't fit together.

That risk aside, I hope they try it. Swing for the fences, FSKC.