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Gut Response: Are the Royals Better than the White Sox?

Last week 91% of you voted that the Royals are now better than the Twins. In this vote, we turn slightly to the southeast and ask, "Are the Royals better than the White Sox?"

White Sox in a box: 2011 record: 79-83. Additions: Kosuke Fukudome, Hector Gimenez, Eric Stultz. Losses: Mark Buehrle, Carlos Quentin, Omar Vizquel, Jason Fraser, Josh Kinney, Shane Lindsey, Juan Pierre

It must be said:

  • Projected Rotation with 2011 FIP: Danks (3.79), Floyd (3.73), Humber (3.86), Sale (3.00 as a RP), Peavy (3.52)
  • You'd think that Adam Dunn (.569 OPS) and Alex Rios (.613 OPS) couldn't be worse in 2012, But actually, you can.
  • Sox now have a number of semi-young players out there: Morel (3B), De Aza (LF), Viciedo (RF), and Beckham (2B).
  • Inevitable headline when White Sox are 11-5: "Ventura has White Sox relaxed, having fun again". Inevitable headline when White Sox are 5-11: "Stagnant Sox miss Guillen's passion"